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Annette Walser Küchenplanung

Kitchen planning

Everything was changed in this kitchen: walls torn out, windows and floor replaced, a new kitchen designed and built by a carpenter....

With its bright fronts, it now looks very spacious and inviting. Family members and guests can relax while watching the cook.

Annette Walser Einrichtungsberatung
Annette Walser Raumgestaltung

Living-dining room renovation

This living room has been completely transformed with new windows, room-length oak planks and clay plaster walls.

The furnishings are a mix of old and new elements. Sitting on the couch, you can now look at a cosy fire in the heating fireplace. 

Wohnzimmer Design Walser
Annette Walser Badplanung

Bathroom renovation

The challenge in planning this bathroom was the sloping roof. In addition, the WC and the large walk-in shower should disappear behind a partition wall.


The floor - like the shelf - is made of old, cut-up solid bricks and gives the room a rustic charm.


Annette Walser Badgestaltung


A partition wall was installed in this staircase. The old marble tiles were doubled up with old oak planks. The entrance door was removed from an old farmhouse.

The front door was rebuilt with muslin glass window panes. And the patterned cement tiles add the finishing touch.

Annette Walser Interior Design
Annette Walser Eingangsbereich
Annette Walser Treppenhausgestaltung
Annette Walser Hausumbau

Outdoor seating balcony

A cross gable was added to this 60s house. This has created two large, deep balconies on the 1st and 2nd floor, where there is space for a comfortable outdoor couch and deck chairs. An old travel suitcase serves as a coffee table. The floor is made of oiled larch wood.

Annette Walser Balkongestaltung
Annette Walser Ateliergestaltung

From office to studio

Here the challenge was to transform a sober office space into a romantic atelier.

The space was divided into several units for different purposes: one area for meetings, one for hair braiding, one for group classes...

Annette Walser Haarflechterei
Annette Walser Altholzbett

Furniture from old wood

This bed as well as the table with bench and the ceiling beam come from the restoration workshop of Michael Walser. Furniture like this is a real statement piece and brings a contemporary, rustic country house style into the rooms. In addition to their special look and feel, they also have the advantage that the dimensions can be individually determined.

Annette Walser Altholz Tisch und Bank
Annette Walser Kücheneinrichtung

New wall paint

This kitchen needed to be a little more lively and cosy. The white fronts now stand out much better against the blue-green walls.

A large chalkboard and a wine rack made from an old wooden beam add extra charm.


Annette Walser Wandgestaltung
Annette Walser Almhütte Küche vorher

Hut in the mountains

First we cleared out and scrubbed the alpine hut. Then some pieces like the shelf were refurbished and we found a matching old Tyrolean table.

The curtains, cushions, furs, blankets and the colourful enamel dishes have turned the kitchen into a cosy retreat.


Annette Walser Renovierung Hütte
Annette Walser Küchenbuffet Restaurierung

Antique kitchen buffet

This Hungarian kitchen buffet has even been a film set - but before the restoration it was quite a wreck.

I fell in love with its design style and old glasses. In the deep shade of green, it goes very well with the curry-coloured wall.

Annette Walser Upcycling
Annette Walser Farbgestaltung

WC & office kitchen

In the small WC, I revamped the tiles with old stencils. The whole room is now decorated with old wood, a warm white tone and burgundy elements.

In the office kitchen I combined a smoky green tone with a warm dark red.

Annette Walser Büroküche
Fensterladen Bad Design Walser

Old shutter and new washbasin

This customer loves turquoise and had already chosen the beautiful sink. I designed her a simple oiled oak vanity and my husband Michael built it in our workshop.


The doors of the bathroom shelf are old shutters - freshly painted, matching turquoise of course. 

Interior Design Bad Annette Walser
Annette Walser antike Kommode

Old farmhouse furniture

With a new coat of paint, old chests of drawers, cupboards, beds ... can give a holiday home or flat a unique style.


They can be wonderfully combined with new furniture.

Annette Walser Restaurierung alte Kommode
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