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Ideas for cozy living rooms, bedrooms...

Create feel-good spaces with harmonious colors, matching furniture, beautiful textiles and pictures...

You quickly need a few concrete and easy-to-implement  ideas on how to make your interior more homely. We meet in my Zoom room and walk through your rooms based on your pictures and videos. I'll give you specific tips to make the hall more inviting, the kitchen more practical, the living-dining area cosier, the bathroom fresher, the bedroom quieter and the children's room nicer. I'll show you:

  • which colors harmonize with each other

  • how to perfectly position your furniture to make the best use of space

  • which pieces of furniture complement each other or what you need to change

  • how the design of your wall design and textiles can be perfected

  • where lamps can be placed and hung for the best effect

  • ...

Ideal room layout

Simply moving the dining room table or couch can make a huge difference. What is the best use of space?

The challenge in this room was to position a huge dining table with big armchairs and still have place for a couch without the room being to full.

Annette Walser Raumgestaltung
Annette Walser Einrichtungsberatung

Furniture from old wood or freshly painted

The table and bench were built from old floorboards and harmonize well with the modern armchairs. The new lamps contrast nicely with the old wood beam.

The old bed and nightstands were painted with chalk paint and now look much lighter.


Annette Walser Schlafzimmergestaltung
Annette Walser Farbkonzept

Natural textiles

With their colours, patterns and feel, textiles offer a great deal of scope for design. They make rooms really cosy.

It is important that all textiles are harmoniously coordinated with the underlying colour concept.

Useful and decorative

If you choose beautiful utilitarian items, they are decoration at the same time and you need fewer accessories.

With finely coordinated wall colours and matching pictures, you can also achieve great wow effects.


Let's go

In our Zoom meeting, which lasts about 2 hours, I will give you concrete furnishing ideas that you can easily realize in your holiday apartment. Afterwards, I will create a so-called mood board in which I will visualise the discussed suggestions for you.

Then you can  go shopping and redecorate directly.
Your investment for this is 375 € incl. VAT.

Mood board example

Annette Walser Beispiel Moodboard
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